How it works

Follow this step-by-step guide to understand how your online customers can use Virtusize to find clothes that fit perfectly.

Step 1

Shoppers click on the Check the fit button located on the product page next to the size selection information. They interact with Virtusize without ever leaving your website.

Step 2

There are two ways to add a reference item:

Compare with a previous purchase. Shoppers can find items they have bought from stores connected to Virtusize right in the widget. Clicking on the Compare button for a previous purchase makes Virtusize show a comparison between that and the item shoppers are looking to buy.

Measure a favourite item. Shoppers follow the clear guidelines given to them in the widget on how to measure their favorite item at home. It only takes two minutes and we only require two to four key measurements.

Step 3

Compare garments. With a reference item in place, shoppers can clearly see the difference between the items they want to purchase and the item they already own. They can flip through the sizes to see the silhouette of the garment they are looking to buy expand and contract.

Garment measurements

Using a garment they already own as a reference for their new purchase is the best and most accurate way for shoppers to understand the fit of an item.

Our solution has been developed alongside designers, pattern makers and industry leading online retailers who share our view that garment comparison is the only way to clearly and objectively showcase size and fit.

Here we describe why garment-to-garment comparison is the most comprehensivefitting solution:

Illustrating fit online in a comprehensible way requires an intuitive reference point. The connection between the real and the virtual world is easy to grasp when you can refer to a garment you are already familiar with.

All garment types
Overlaying garment silhouettes makes it easy to compare garments from any brand, in any style and category including shirts, t-shirts, trousers, dresses, sweaters, skirts, jackets and so forth.

Low barrier
We've made it super simple to reference or tag a garment. It takes two minutes to measure a garment at home or one click to tag a previously bought garment online at any retailer that uses Check the fit, by Virtusize. It is more straightforward since it does not require photography or any other complicated input from the shopper.

Cost effective
It is easy for an online retailer to integrate Check the fit, by Virtusize, with its online store and we can scale to 100% of a retailer’s range extremely quickly.