About us

Virtusize started off with a group of Swedish friends who shared a passion for digital solutions and the world of fashion.

When e-commerce took off, they were thrilled to have the world of fashion at their fingertips. All of a sudden they could buy brands from outside of Sweden. However, there was one major problem: they could not buy clothes that fit properly.


The idea

It seemed they had to return over half of the items that they bought, as they were either the wrong size or the fit was not in line with their expectations. They figured that they weren't the only people with the same problem.

They were frequent shoppers at eBay, where most sellers provide detailed garment measurements. They saw how easy it was to find the right size and fit of an item by comparing a seller’s garment measurements with their own favourite items at home.

They started to wonder: what if they used the same concept but made it visual by overlaying garment silhouettes on screen? So they started working with some of the fashion world's best pattern makers and online retail stores on the idea.

Born in late 2011, Virtusize was quick to launch on many Swedish online retailers such as Acne Studios and Stayhard. Soon afterwards, online retailers all over the world had started using Virtusize as the trusted solution for helping their customers choose the right size and fit.

Our vision

To be the global standard for size and fit.