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Virtusize helps you sell more clothes online
- with the right size and fit.

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Online clothes shopping made easy

One size does not fit all. When buying clothes online, it’s hard to choose the right size and difficult to understand how a garment will fit.

The solution is Virtusize.

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Optimised for mobile

The same simple method for choosing the right size and fit is also available for customers shopping on their smartphones.

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Increased sales
Increased sales
By removing the uncertainty around size and fit, Virtusize increases average order values by 20%.
Decreased return rates
Decreased return rates
Virtusize reduces return rates by 30%.
Enhanced customer experience
Enhanced customer experience
Consumers love Virtusize!

What do our partners say?

“Virtusize is inspiring shoppers to purchase more from us and we see that shoppers using Virtusize increase their average order value by over 20%.”

Shintaro Aikawa, Digital Manager

“I have done hours of research on virtual size guides and this is 'hands down' the best system you will find in the world. The staff at Virtusize are also friendly, helpful and great to deal with.”

Tim Dunn, Founder

“We are averaging 12 percent returns and exchanges – Virtusize has played an important part in that.”

Rami El Malak, CEO
Country Attire

“Returns are an on-going problem for online retailers and Virtusize is helping us to tackle this challenge.”

Richard Parker, Head of Website

“We know that shoppers are put off buying online because they don't know what clothes will fit. We're therefore excited to introduce Virtusize's size and fit solution.”

Yukari Tajiri, Head of Marketing

”We've been a happy Virtusize client since 2012. We know that our customers really appreciate Virtusize. By removing the uncertainty around size and fit, Virtusize helps us sell more.”

Johan Davidsson, Operations Manager


Trusted by the world's leading retailers.

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What do our users say?


“Virtusize is amazing. I would really like to see it on every single product.”

– Lisa

“For the first time ever I got a clear picture of how the clothes would fit before buying them.”

– Erica

“It helped me to have a more clear and realistic image for the items”

– John

“I now know which size to get rather than just guessing”

– Sarah

“I LOVE IT! This is the future of
online shopping. It needs to be on
every website, on every item!”

– Charlotte

“Now I can actually buy jeans online,
even better than in the stores.”

– Peter


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